Stop financial loss in your business

Detect Financial waste and prevent Internal Fraud.

Financial Waste

Prevent duplicate invoices and payments. Detect unnecessary spend such as unused or excessive software licenses, non-preferred supplier spend and inefficient time-to-pay processes. 

Internal Fraud

Continuously monitor and protect your business from occupational fraud. Analyze data from your core systems and be alerted to any events that require further investigation.

Advanced analytics coupled with industry proven techniques

Guardian analyses your organization data using cutting-edge data analytics and industry relevant approaches to present prioritized, risk-scored alerts for further investigation. You can easily investigate specific entities, identify root-cause business processes or be guided by configured alerts triggered by continuous monitoring.

Uncover how your business can prevent financial loss today. 

Over 50% of internal fraud loss is never recovered

It’s no longer about detecting financial loss after it has occurred, you need to prevent it from happening in the first place. With Guardian’s continuous monitoring, unusual activity is surfaced before it can develop into actual financial loss.

What Makes Us Different

Industry experience

More than 10 years experience helping organizations detect and prevent against financial loss and internal fraud

Experienced Professionals

Built by industry specific consultants, certified data analysts and experienced software developers

Client Driven

Developed and continually improved by working with our clients to create real solutions for real-world problems

Time to Value

We are focused on implementation and delivering value measured in days, not weeks or months

Intuitive Solution

Delivering a solution that is simple to use and easy to interpret for an area that has traditionally been limited to industry experts

Realistically Priced

Solution-based pricing enabling access to enterprise-level software for businesses of all sizes

Industry reports say

Historically, only 3% of global fraud was found using software

Guardian is different because it has been developed alongside businesses to solve real problems in proven ways

By working with businesses for more than 10 years, we have learned what your real challenges are and have been able to develop a solution that is fit-for-purpose, simple to use and highly effective in solving real business problems.

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